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John and Stacey's Paranormal Sideshow (Your bizarre destination of macabre oddities and curious mysteries)

John and Stacey Edwards, formerly of Haunted South and The Third Side, bring you interesting paranormal news and discussions. Ghosts, UFO, Bigfoot, conspiracy theories, haunted locations, psychics, evil spirits, possession, folklore, elves, fairies, and other paranormal topics are discussed seriously, but with humor.

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Mar 1, 2021

John and Stacey are back with some crazy news and stories! And John gives us part 2 of his Strange and Bizarre Events. Stories include an amazing UFO sighting, sounds and news from Mars, treasure, a cursed painting, a haunted wardrobe, and much more!

John's Strange and Bizarre Events, Vol 2 10:53


American Airlines not denying UFO sighting 41:05

NASA rover beams back first sounds from Mars 53:13

NASA leaves hidden message on rover parachute 56:43

Evidence that Mars once had atmosphere with less oxygen 1:16:06

Scientists have grown microbes on rock bits from Mars 1:18:06

True age of the Jars of Laos discovered 1:20:18

Viking artefacts found on the Isle of Man are declared treasure 1:25:01

Internet occultists make 'Sigil Engine' 1:30:52

1,800 year old sarcophagi rediscovered in Israel 1:36:23

Woman terrorised by 'haunted' painting 1:40:05

Mum haunted by wardrobe she bought from 'strange folk' 1:48:40

Psychic snaps ghostly figure in window of Lennox Castle 1:54:07

Ranch next to Area 51 for sale 2:03:16

Buffalo Bill's house from 'Silence of the Lambs' becoming a bed and breakfast 2:08:30